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Welcome to TVP Engage

TVP Engage is a new platform from Thames Valley Police to answer your questions in live online Q&A sessions.

Listening to the voices of our communities and keeping you informed of the work we are doing to prevent and tackle crime in your area is an integral part of our work.

We aim to speak to as many of our communities as possible so our live sessions are designed to build on the face-to-face forums already taking place. They can be accessed anywhere, by anyone, and can even be reviewed afterwards if you miss the live event.

How to join a live Q&A session

When a TVP Engage session is live, you can watch the conversation below.

If you would like to ask one of our police officers a question, just type in the box the name that you would like displayed in the public chat and press ‘Sign in’. You can then type your question in the comment box and press ‘Comment’ when you’re ready to submit it. Your question will then be sent directly to the panel of officers for them to read and reply.

Your question won’t be visible in the live chat until it has been answered. They may answer your question publicly or decide to send a message directly back to you.

Q&A Detective Constable – Degree Holder Entry Programme (DC-DHEP)

Domestic Abuse Q&A - Thursday 28 May

On Thursday 6 August, between 6-8 pm, Thames Valley Police will be hosting a live Q&A session about the Detective-DHEP programme.

Interested in the Detective-DHEP programme? Do you have specific questions you want answers for? Our panel of experts will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about this new entry route.

The panel of experts will include serving Detectives, representatives from our Learning & Professional Development Team and Recruitment & Assessment Team plus our Positive Action & Engagement Team.

We hope you will join our event!

Visit our Careers website to find out more about the Detective DHEP Programme. Joint our live event below from 6pm on Thursday 6th August.