Past events

Past events

Take a look through some of our previous live question and answer sessions below.

  • Detective Degree Holder Recruitment Q&A – 6 August 2020

    On Thursday 6 August, between 6-8pm, Thames Valley Police hosted a live Q&A session about the Detective-DHEP programme.

  • Domestic Abuse Q&A – 28 May 2020

    On Thursday 28 May, Thames Valley Police and support organisations held a live Domestic Abuse Q&A session.

  • True Costs – 6 February 2020

    This was an opportunity to ask questions about the impacts of casual cocaine use in the Thames Valley area and what you can do to help.

  • County Drug Lines – 21 November 2019

    Not quite sure what county drug lines are? Concerned that someone you know might be involved in drugs? Our panel of experts answered your questions about county drug lines and how we’re working in partnership to tackle them.

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